Bailgate Wedding Fayre 2016

Last weekend saw the Iconic Bride team travel to Lincolnshire and the fabulous Bailgate Wedding fayre. We were welcomed into the Judges Lodgings our temporary home for 5 hours where we met with brides and their families seeking out suppliers for their wedding. 

A common theme we came across were brides who with mere months to go until their big day, had still not settled on their dress. What!?! I hear you screech, as most informed brides will well know a bridal dress can take 6 months to arrive from the point of ordering. We find there are many reasons why brides may not commit to a wedding dress, from having too much choice and getting confused. Not finding anything they like and being despondent, to actually not wanting to have any fuss at all (white bikini and flip flops on the beach anyone?). Yet at the top of the list is perhaps the most understandable reason of all why a bride may end up in the position of being in the last chance saloon . Simply put, its brides being overwhelmed.  Many brides in this position talk to us about becoming stressed and psyched out or feeling anxious and put off. They make a start and give up, or they don't feel ready to begin at all.

We have said it before and we will say it again, getting married brings about a tumult of emotions and our simple advice on this kind of problem is to be kind to yourself! It ok to not have it together, to have mood swings that can give any teenager a run for their money. Its ok to love one dress style one minute and doubt yourself the next. Many a pintrest board has been started and renewed! Nothing bad happened because of it! So yes, our advice is this; be kind to yourself and give yourself a break.

Its not everyday that brings about a monumental right of passage. A wedding day is a promise, a promise to each other beautifully gift wrapped in feelings of love, hope and joy.  Buying your wedding dress may well be scary but it should also bring with it all the positive things a marriage represents, laughter, joy, happiness and fun!. If your bridal shop hasn't left you with those emotions then maybe its not just the dress which isn't right.  If you have yet to make a start our advice is seek out a bridal shop you know you can feel confident, understands your needs and journey as a bride, will help ease those nerves, bring everything back down to a human level whilst retaining the magic of being a bride and will help you discover that buying your wedding dress can be one of the most rewarding and positive experiences of your life.

At Iconic Bride, we help you be kind to yourself, by being kind to you and top of that is by having fun, sharing the joy and laughter and yes amongst all of that also is finding a dress that you can also say YES to. x

Iconic Bride team. X