The Bridal "Dream team"

Good afternoon everyone. Well as I am ending what has been a busy day and now staring out of the window at Iconic Bride Boutique,  looking at the gloomy weather and wondering who cancelled summer,  my husband is currently racing around the house trying his best to complete the (not unreasonable) list of jobs I left him. Why is he doing this? Well because he knows he wont get peace unless he does and on this day of days, when he is desperately counting down the clock to watch England play in peace without the nagging of yours truly,  he is likely to be at his most productive.  Perhaps at this point i should have put a spoiler alert on today's blog post 

*Beware this is not for the reading of husbands to be!* ;)

Yet, its not that I am a nagging wife, rather than I have learnt the key to making my husband happy (football) and can now successfully motivate him (no football) with this vital piece of knowledge to keep myself and home happy too (yes ma dear it is skip run day.) 

So as I've left my husband and no doubt numerous others out there today focused firmly on the football ahead, I thought I'd update my blog to reach out to all you die hard brides who are still firmly focused on planning your wedding and compiling yet more lists of places to see, people to meet and services to acquire. 

Today's chosen topic is therefore contacts. In bridal I have found that its both what and who you know that can make this special time into a plain sailing experience or one of a stress inducing breakdown event.  In the time since we launched we have had brides in both camps visit us in the boutique, yet irrespective of which one, a friendly recommendation whether for a florist, seamstress service or mother of the bride outfit always seems to be gratefully received by our brides. The reason for this is that today's bridal industry to put it simply, is flooded. There is just too much competition out there scrambling over what is an ever declining population of brides and lets face it competition is fierce. As such it can be hard for brides to know confidently what is out there (bridal shops offering cosmetic clinic ahem ;) and be able to distinguish what makes one service stand out from the other. On top of this you have family and friend recommendations to consider too because "they were really great at my wedding" versus "it looked nothing like what they said it would" and if that is not enough brides find themselves having to deal with family obligations as well because dear Aunt Bella bless her wants to do her bit and make or revamp something that she wore on her special day all those years ago. 

As a new business we at Iconic Bride know all too well the importance and the challenges of choosing the right people and products that will help in bringing together the complete wedding day look. Our experience has shown us there are a few influencing factors when it comes down to making such decisions. For us it began like most searches start,  choosing suppliers whose products we were interested in, liked the look of and most importantly met our essential criteria we had devised. Most pertinently it was choosing brands we felt reflected the same quality and standards as what our brand works to be. Our mantra at the boutique is Quality, Personalisation and Style. We are therefore delighted our chosen suppliers in the boutique encompass this (well we think so at least).

Yet narrowing it down took the best part of several trips to trade shows, scouring online bridal forums to find out what brides were wanting, reading fellow customer reviews as well as networking with fellow retailers about the suppliers in terms of fabric quality, reliability, professionalism and so forth. After that it pretty much worked for us like our brides when they find "the one"; our Catherine Parry collection was certainly found in that way and is another important factor when selecting who you want to make up your wedding dream team. Do you have a good vibe /instinct about them? Consider the people you are dealing with as once committed these are the ones you are giving power to and they could either make or break your wedding. Ask yourself, are the people you are meeting with likeable and friendly? Do they present as motivated and committed to providing you with their best efforts? Do they listen to your needs? or are they too busy trying to give you the hard sell and telling you what they think you need?  I have been surprised and saddened to hear all too often brides tales of feeling fobbed off or being made to feel like an inconvenience to a bridal shop or worse still being spoken to rudely once the sale has gone through. 

As a help to our die hard brides, I will therefore end with opening up Iconic Brides little black book, essentially our Iconic Brides local bridal dream team (ok so we are definitely back to the football) who are fellow wedding industry suppliers. We feel these similarly reflect the Iconic Bride mantra and ultimately work towards Creating brides people will remember.  

Venue - Clumber Park Spa Hotel 01623 835333

Photographer - Mark Walker Photography 07921 513324

Florist - The Flower Room, Edwinstowe 01623 824946

Cake - Ganache Cake House, Edwinstowe 01623 305297

Hair & Beauty- Karissma, Edwinstowe  01623 825853  / The Escape Hair & Beauty Salon 01623 861141 

Beauty -  Cinderella's Beauty Salon 01623 836193

Cosmetic Treatments - Softline Aesthetics monthly clinic held at Iconic Bride 01623 371174 

Personal Trainer - Steve Sheppard 07515 932791

Alterations & Seamstress - Janeen Burrows 01623 371174  

I shall therefore leave you all at that, as its about time I got off and checked up on those jobs I left, heaven forbid I have to call time on the tv remote :) x