Top 5 Tips for prepping for your big day.

So as wedding season is in full swing (as is the rainy weather again!) its time to spend a few minutes reflecting on just what preparations are needed to ensure your big day turns out to be exactly as you hoped. After talking to brides some common and unexpectedly themes have come out. 

So here are our quick 5 top tips to getting you to the alter without having a bridal meltdown. 

Counting Down at number 5 is.. 

5. Get it covered.

At this point its generally too late to make significant changes, everything is ordered, paid for and on its way. However best laid plans as they say can easily go wrong so its always best to plan for the unplanned with a small budget and team ready to spring into action. The "emergency" may only be you packed the wrong bra to wear under your dress or you've miscounted the number of buttonholes you need and now need a quick fix. Of course wedding insurance and wedding planners will give you piece of mind and take away a lot of the stress off your shoulders. Yet no one knows you better than your nearest and dearest. So be inventive and create a new wedding top job and allocate this to the person you know will spring into action to rescue your wedding- just don't forget to add them onto the thank you list during the wedding speech and with any luck it may be that your project rescue appointee is never needed. 

4. Girl I got your back. 

bride getting dresses

It may seem an obvious one. You've got your bridesmaids, these after all are your trusted besties and why wouldn't they have you in mind on your wedding day? So no need to ask the obvious right? Wrong! As a friend on mine discovered; when on her wedding day she was left with the hairdresser having to help her get into her wedding gown because in the spirit of the day her bridesmaids had popped the cork on the champagne and were busy having their own pre-wedding party in their own designated room and thus no where to be found. So a casual but clear instruction of your requirements to your maids for your day may well save your and an unsuspecting individual blushes when dress on time comes around. 

3. Timing.


You've spent the last 18 months planning this wedding. Every item on the job to do list has been ticked off at least twice. Yet surprisingly many brides get caught out with how surreal the day can feel and how quickly it progresses. Add that in to a sleepless night when you were too excited to get those precious 40 winks and the most military of minds can go off radar and those all importance last jobs /communication tips could well be left too late. A good example of that was a bride who told me she had forgot to tell her bridesmaids how she wanted them to proceed her down the isle and when asked by them as her wedding music began playing she simply replied to them " to walk with their feet". Now this is a bride may I add who proudly told me has 2 degrees to her name, yet simply couldn't process her thoughts to give any kind of sensible answer once the bridal march began. As such her 6 bridesmaids arrived as a collective baying mob rather than the serene floaty bridesmaid vision of walking down 2 at a time which the bride had wanted. 


2. No Panic Buying.

There is a strong temptation as your big day approaches to rush out and get that extra item, just in case. Yet no end of brides report ending up with items like shoes, jewellery, a veil that they never wanted or desired but  find themselves running in to buy as pre-wedding panic starts to set in. Brides as your big day dawns it really is time to take a breath and have confidence in yourself that if you haven't sorted it already, it really wasn't on your priority list in the first place. As brides who have married will tell you, your money is much better spent on the future Mr & Mrs than the extra accessory still in its box. 





1. Look After Yourself

bride on her wedding day

By this we mean consider what you are eating, what you drink and even what you wear. Now is not the time to try the new facial product thats guarenteed to smooth lines, now isnt the time to have a few drinks to help you sleep and now is definately not the time to spend an extra 20 minutes in the sun to top up your tan. So we advice drinking water to flush your system and banish any toxins out of your system and ditch the caffeine and alcohol that can lead to bloating and likely affect the quality of your sleep. Be mindful about wearing a bra especially if you are wearing a strapless gown. There's nothing more unsightly than those reddened telltale bra strap marks which take longer to diminish than you may think. Go for a strapless bra or even without for those final hours leading up to your day. Remember on the morning of your wedding a healthy nutrient rich breakfast will sustain your energy levels for the day ahead and feed your skin leaving you both energised and picture perfect for your day.