Summer is here...and we have so much to tell you!

iconic bride finalist in awards

With Summer and wedding season firmly in swing, we have barely had a minute to take time to catch up with all our lovely followers. Our first news is "oops we did it again" as Britney Spears said and we have made it through to being a finalist at the Bridal Buyer Awards 2017 Ceremony in September Eeek!

You may have noticed that we have also been following and supporting the journey of Miss Mansfield and Sherwood Forest Jessica Pinnick as she fulfils her ambassdor role for the locality whilst raising funds for her chosen charity Guidedogs for the Blind. We have donated some of our fabulous dresses taken from our beautiful Wattersmaid and TwoBirds range to wear as she carries out her duties and are thrilled to be part of this amazing young womens journey, even if we were a tiny bit jelous of her recent trip over to Ohio USA!

wattersmaid dress worn by Miss Mansfield and Sherwood Forest

We are also excited to finally share with you our promotional video filmed earlier this year by a local industry friend Ian Dearman Media. We have to admit it was quite a scary thing to do and there was more than 2 or 3 takes needed thats for sure. However with Ian's patience, encouragement and skill and yes his occaionally laughter as we stumbled over our words at times, we are delighted to finally to share our advert. We hope it captures everything you can expect from us at Iconic Bride. 

Our last bit of news is we have secured a new exclusive knightsbridge designer which we are bringing into our beautiful bridal boutique. We cant wait to reveal all along with details of a special launch we are planning with industry friends later in the Autumn. We absolutely fell in love with this designer when we were down at White Gallery London, and feel it is fate to bring her coveted designs back home to the heart of Nottingham where she once was. All will be revealed in good time.. just keep your eyes peeled. 

As always we love everything we do at Iconic Bride and want to thank all our past, current and future brides for all the love and support you have shown us. On that last note we are off to finish our working day and may just start looking for a dress for ourselve for the awards ceremony..keep your fingers crossed for us!

Iconic Bride Team XXX