Calling All Brides - How to look & feel Amazing on your wedding day.

HI Everyone, 

So summer officially starts in the next few days and I've finally got round to bringing you all something I've found is important to most of the brides we meet here at Iconic Bride. Plus with the summer season and all those fabulous events to go to, its certainly a topic that is pretty much in everyone's mind right now.

So what's that you ask?

It is of course the D word. DIET. It is also the E word too; Exercise. Because like it or not we know that these 2 things go hand in hand if we are to look good and feel amazing this summer. Many of our brides are either dieting or trying to get fit in preparation for their big day and lets not forget that our grooms too want to scrub up well and so getting married can often be the perfect motivation for everyone to start new healthy lifestyle changes. 

However I am no expert in these matters and know my Iconic Brides deserve only the very best from us. I have therefore been in contact with local personal trainer Steve Sheppard whose experience and fantastic results are testimony that if you want success then an expert on board is a good way to begin. 

I therefore leave you with Steve's helpful bridal advice and tips, so our brides can truly feel body confident when saying Yes to their Dress. 



By: Steve Sheppard

So if you’re reading this, hopefully you are getting ready for your big day? And what a day it should be.

You see, as a bride you should look and feel amazing but, let me guess, you dont know where to start?

The fat loss journey is very confusing, one person says this, that magazine says that, that celebrity uses that, you get my drift!  The fitness industry is a mess and that is why so many people fail.  As a trainer, it is my mission to help females just like you reach not only their fat loss goals but, help educate you for long term success both in your body and mind.

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To help you get started i’m going to give you my TOP 5 fatloss tips...

  1. Set yourself SMART goals. SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE AND REALISTIC. We all have an end-goal but we need to break them down in to small chunks. ALL of my clients do this.

  2. Start slow and make small manageable changes each week. If you go in head first you are more likely to quit as soon as it gets hard.

  3. WATER WATER WATER. Do not underestimate how important this is. I want people to drink at least 2 litres a day as a starting point. This will help with bodily functions, concentration, skin and hair quality and curb your hunger.

  4. Start eating protein with every meal. Protein is essential with building muscle and it helps repair the body. Dont worry you will not suddenly grow into the Hulk.

  5. Weight training. Training with weights is the best form of exercise to both burn fat and get better body composition changes. A lot of women are scared to use weights, dont be! The more muscle you have the better you look and the more effective you are at burning fat due to active muscle tissue.

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