Choosing your bridal dress is an exciting time but for some it can also be a time of uncertainty and worry. To help make your search more enjoyable, we at Iconic Bride have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that brides have. However we are always at the end of the phone and happy to chat through with you any queries you may have. 

Q. When to start looking for my dress? 

A. 9 -12 months is an ideal time to start looking for your dress leaving no less than 6 months, if you want to avoid potentially incurring additional costs for a rush order. This is because most bridal gowns take around 16- 20 weeks to make from the point of order. However no one said you can't make a start sooner and plenty of research ahead is always helpful in getting a good idea of how you envisage yourself for your special day.  

Q. What to expect at my appointment?

A. Lasting on average one and half hours, our dedicated staff will assist you from welcoming you into the boutique, providing much needed refreshments and of course offering you their knowledge and expertise on the latest bridal styles and trends. Some brides say they know when they have found "the one"and come in already decided on a particular dress.  However for some, finding that perfect dress takes commitment and time and generally the appointment time allows for a number of dresses to be tried on, including trying out all the lovely bridal accessories of veils, tiara's and shoes! Either way the best advice we can give is to keep an open mind. Lastly we do ask that for those of you who daily fake tan that you hold off until after your appointment as this can often ruin our beautiful dresses. This is the only rare exception that we make ask a bride to reschedule an appointment and we wouldn't want you to make an unnecessary journey.

Q. What shall I wear? 

A. Nude underwear and a strapless bra are always a good option, but not a necessity. We are used to helping brides in and out of their dresses and ensure your privacy and dignity is maintained at all times. On that note, both the main and small changing room are located at the back of the boutique and not accessible to the general public. 

Q. Who can come to my appointment?

A. We love to help make memories and who better than with a small selection of close family and friends. Our boutique is small and unfortunately large groups are not something we can accommodate. We therefore recommend a trusted 2-3 with a maximum of 4 to help you in your decision. Remember it is easy to feel overwhelmed when everyone has an opinion to give and hope that your chosen few can respect this is your day and decision too. We take pride that our job at Iconic Bride is to make you feel and look amazing and be confident about your choice. We guarantee that we will not push you by giving any unwanted opinion or heavy sales pitch to get you to buy a dress. 

Q. What are samples or off the peg dresses?

A. Samples are dresses that have adorned our boutique and may naturally have come to the end of their design life. These dresses are often very popular and much loved styles and are offered to buy "off the peg" for reduced prices. To the savvy financial  bride these gems are often not to be missed, as they are an ideal way to get a high end designer gown without the expensive price tag. In addition, sample gowns are ideal for brides who prefer not to plan ahead and are looking to make an on the day purchase and can be taken away to grace your home that very day. 

Q. Will you stock a dress that fits me?

A. At Iconic Bride most of our dresses in the boutique are size 14, with a smaller selection ranging from size 8 -18 available. However some of our dresses are available from size 2 -32 and with some notice we will always endeavour to get in the boutique sizes more suited to your needs.  Brides come in all shapes and sizes and we are delighted that our hand picked collection reflects this. 

Q. What happens when my dress arrives?

A. We shall be as excited as you! When your dress arrives into the boutique, we shall contact you in order to make an appointment for a fitting. Complimentary to all dress purchases are 2 fittings in the boutique. Our dedicated seamstress Janeen has many years experience and after consultation will be on hand to complete any alteration work if it is required (see alteration page for details and prices). Should for some unforeseen reason a 3rd fitting is required this is chargeable and a price will be quoted.  Please be reassured that in order to give you the best value and service, your measurements are taken as close to ordering your dress as possible to ensure the closest dress fit. We know brides often want to commence a new exercise plan or diet when getting married or may gain /loose weight from stress or other factors. It is important should your weight change significantly that you inform us as soon as possible. The earlier we can make any changes the better, with less likelihood of unnecessary costs being incurred. (please see our terms and conditions of sale)

Q. When will I have my fitting?

A. A first fitting generally takes place 6 weeks before your big day with a second 2 weeks before. Your dress will then be ready to collect a few days before you get married. 


Terms & Conditions of Sale


 a) Customers are required to pay a 50% NON -REFUNDABLE deposit on ordering all bridal gowns and accessories. 

b) All gowns are manufactured to specific standard sizes as provided by the supplier. Orders will be accepted only once a full set of measurements have been taken and agreed with the client. 

c) Goods ordered that are not available from stock normally take up to 16-20 weeks for delivery unless a specific time limit is stated in writing on the order. 

d) Separate processes are currently in place for all our overseas / long distance brides. 

d) All items purchased are non-returnable/refundable/ exchangeable  


a) Full payment is required for all goods. Any payment terms agreed are approved on an individual basis and before an order is placed.  

b) The price of garments EXCLUDES all costs in respect of alterations. However this service is provided at an extra cost.  

c) All gowns remain the PROPERTY of Iconic Bride until PAID FOR IN FULL and no goods may be removed from the premises until full payment of the order has been fulfilled. 

d) Where only a deposit has been paid, the full balance of the order value is due once the gown has arrived in the boutique, before the Wedding Date and prior to any agreed alterations being undertaken. 

e) Monies are not refundable or transferable to other orders, except in cases of goods no longer being available from our suppliers. If we are unable to supply a particular item which you have ordered or if the correct price for an item is different from the price on your order, we will notify you as soon as we can after receiving your order. Once goods are ordered you have no right to simply change your mind (Sale of Goods Act 1979). 

f) In cases where payment by cheque is made, goods will not be released until the cheque has been cleared by the bank, which could take up to ten working days, unless it is supported with a valid cheque guarantee card to the value of the amount required. This also applies for charges made to alterations. 

g) A security deposit is required for hired goods upon collection and will be refunded only if the goods are returned in a satisfactory condition by the return date. 

h) Preferred payment method are by cards, or cash with exception of American Express.   

i) Customers should retain their sales invoice, and any other receipts as proof of purchase, and be sure to have read this TERMS AND CONDITIONS NOTICE and fully understand its requirements 


 a) Gowns are ordered in standard sizes. Please be aware that gown sizes are different to that of high street sizes and gowns are made to order and not made to measure.  

b) Iconic Bride cannot / will not accept any responsibility in respect of any changes that may occur in the customer’s size and/ or body shape once the sales order has been placed. It remains the customers responsibility to notify Iconic Bride of any significant change in body shape or weight following the sales order being placed.

c) Gowns requiring extra length or special measures are subject to a surcharge. This is not always known until the gown arrives in stock and may be a hidden cost which will be added to the cost of the goods above. 

d) Pregnancy during our ordering process is a stressful time for all parties involved due to not knowing how the bride will grow. Every effort will be made to work at finding a solution but responsibility remains with the bride and Iconic Bride will not bear the cost of this.  


Colour Shading 

a) Exact colours and shades on fabrics and designs on trim, including lace, cannot always be guaranteed. Colour matching is more difficult when garments are ordered at different dates. There will be a better chance that all the garments will match if cut from the same fabric roll. 

b) Accessories purchased elsewhere can only be used during fitting of gowns etc. at your own risk.  

b) Iconic Bride is unable to guarantee fabric swatch matches with in store garments due to fabric changes. Swatches should be regarded as indication only. 

c) Due to the Copyright Laws, photography is not allowed within the store. 



a) Iconic Bride offers a fitting and alterations service, but it is an independent service to the boutique provided by a fully experienced and competent alterations specialist. 

b) Fittings may be restricted to certain days due to the nature of the specialist being independent to the store. Customers will be advised on booking their fittings as to the availability. Every endeavour will be made to accommodate the customers’ requirements. 

c) Fittings and alterations works may be carried out elsewhere if required, customers are not obliged to use the services provided by Iconic Bride. However customers who wish to take their garments elsewhere should inform the store as soon as they have decided as Iconic Bride will not be held responsible for alterations having to be done by another specialist close to the wedding date. 

c) For customers choosing to use Iconic Brides fitting service, once your dress arrives which is around 8-10 weeks before your wedding date, we will contact you and arrange your 1st complimentary fitting. Please remember that this is a 1st fitting and whilst some gowns are perfect straight away, adjustments may be identified as a result of this and a price for the alteration will be quoted. A 2nd fitting after alterations have been made remains free of charge but subsequent fitting appointments after this are chargeable.  

d) If the sales order is for a ‘RUSH ORDER’ or late order, first fittings may be carried out during the week of the wedding and possibly even the day before. Please be aware a premium will be charged for any alterations required for this type of order. 

e) During fittings, shoes and underwear must be the ones intended for the wedding day. We will recommend the amount of alterations to gowns, but if the client insists on a fit tighter than recommended, we will not be responsible. Equally, we accept no responsibility for gowns not fitting when collected due to client body changes (see sizing section) or any other reason beyond our control. 

f) It is not our policy to take in gowns by any more than one dress size (maximum 2”) as this could adversely affect the style and look of the gown. It is at the customers risk if more than this is required to be taken in. Letting out of all gowns is also not advisable, and is at the risk of the customer should they decide on this requirement for their gown. 

g) Advice taken from the alteration specialist is also taken at the customers own risk and personal choice ,the specialist cannot be held responsible for any decisions made about the alteration of any garment which are deemed unsatisfactory after any alterations are completed , if the customer requested them . 

H) Any gowns purchased from another store and brought to be altered at Iconic Bride will incur a handling fee of £5.00 per Bridesmaid and £25 per wedding gown plus the cost of the alteration. Prices on application. 

I) Gowns can be steamed at customer’s request, at their own risk. 

j) Turnaround times for alterations may change depending on and time of year and may be subject to change at any time. 

b) For reasons of hygiene ALL accessories (tiaras, hair slides, fascinators) including shoes, which have been removed from the premises once paid for cannot be refunded or exchanged  


Sale Gowns / Sample Gowns 

a) Sale gowns / sample gowns / accessories are brought sold as seen and cannot be returned or any monies refunded. 

Cancellations / uncollected goods 

a) Once gowns are ordered Iconic Bride is subjected to minimum cancellation periods and under NO circumstances can this be changed. 

b) Customers who cancel their sales contract are NOT entitled to a refund of ANY monies already paid up to and including the cancellation date. 

c) In the event of a wedding being cancelled regardless of ANY circumstance, the balance becomes payable immediately and all goods must be collected. Failure to do so forfeits the right of the customer to the goods. 

 d) If customers do not collect their goods within 6 weeks after the wedding date then the contract will be deemed cancelled without any further notification and any monies paid will not be refunded. Gowns will be put into the shops stock to be re-sold. 



a) Iconic Bride has such terms to protect its business regardless of your circumstance. 

b) Should the store breach its obligations under this agreement, its liability is limited to any direct loss incurred by the customer arising from such breach. The store will NOT be liable for any breaches caused by circumstances outside Iconic Brides control, including, but not restricted to theft, acts of god, war, riot, terrorism, malicious damage, fire, flood, or storm. 

 It may be prudent to look at wedding insurance cover for complete peace of mind. 

c) The terms and conditions outlined above do not in any way affect the customer’s statutory rights.